Duxford 1963

Project mission

To catalogue, preserve and research the history of Duxford.

Next meeting of the Duxford History Society will be on 11th March 2024 at 10:00 a.m.. 

An excellent turnout for our February meeting on a rainy 8th January saw 42 members in attendance. We now look forward to getting back to lour mornings for March. We will also return to the small hall with its much clearer big screen TV.

Our speaker for March will be Elizabeth Tucker who will be talking about emigration from the Duxford area between 1851 and 1861. Elizabeth will be well known to many as the daughter of Gilbert Harding who built many of the properties in Duxford. Elizabeth was brought up in the village and will have many memories to share with us. 

History Society Opportunity for 2024


The history society celebrated its 13th meeting on Monday 2nd October and we are now officially in our second year of operation. We have made some fantastic achievements in our first year with some amazing speakers reviving interest in history in the village. We have officially 82 members and although not all of them attend all meetings, they do enjoy being part of the group and keeping in touch via our b site and WhatsApp group. Our website has photographs of most of the historic streets of the village at wwwduxfordhistorysociety.org, please take a look if you haven’t already.


As well as focussing on past history, as a society we have to also think of the future and that means planning for 2024 and here is the opportunity:


1)    We are proud of the membership we have and the Monday morning meetings are very popular with our current membership

2)    We are aware that many people who are interested in history in the village, children as well as adults. We also know, or at least suspect that they do not join, because they are at school, or working when our society meets.

3)    We would like to make the society more inclusive across the population of the village.

4)    From next year one in two meetings will take place at 7:00 in the evening to allow working people and school age children to attend.

Meetings are fun, we start with updates on what has been achieved during the past month and then we have a speaker to tell us about issues of historical interest to all of us. We have a break in the middle when people can mingle and chat and everyone enjoys it.


It isn’t expensive to join and we will only charge £10 per member for the year from Januiary and at the moment it is free. the outlined dates for 2024 are all in the Duxford Community Centre and are as follows:


·      Monday 11th March 10:00 

·      Tuesday 9th April 19:00 

·      Monday 13th May 10:00 

·      Tuesday 11th June 19:00 


There will be more of this to follow including a list of proposed speakers in the next issue. We are trialling this for the first half year and if you respond well, we will extend it. 


To join now go to the website and membership, you will be enrolled in the WhatsApp group if you provide your mobile number. www.duxfordhistorysociety.org

Would you like to join?

Even if you can't make all of the meetings you can still be a member and share in everything that is going on by tuning in to our website and participating in our WhatsApp group. WhatsApp allows all of our members to share memories and pictures and new discoveries. Just click the link below:


Feel free to contact us at DuxfordHistorySociety@gmail.com or using the button below if you have any other questions about the Duxford History Society.

 Link to:



Farringdon Diaries. https://capturingcambridge.org/museum-of-cambridge/museum-exhibit-stories/the-farrington-diaries/